Approach to Treatment

First off- welcome! Coming to therapy and being vulnerable with someone new is a decision no one makes lightly.

Not all therapy is created equal; some clients languish in therapy for years without experiencing a noteworthy change. If you are interested in making a real impact on your daily life, you've come to the right place.

Meaningful, lasting change is possible. In many cases, symptoms can be reduced in months- not years. For this change to happen, clients must commit to doing the work of therapy throughout their week- not just during session. We will define your challenges and plan for recovery together.

To achieve this, I am informed by several evidence-based treatments that maximize the time and money you spend in therapy. These include:

Please note I am not currently offering full-model DBT

I am also informed by feminist therapy, multicultural therapy, systems theory, and narrative therapy.

Many of our problems would be most easily solved by changing our environment, yet we often lack the power and control to do so. Together, we will change your environment to the extent possible, modify how you think and behave to be more aligned with your needs and values, and support you in accepting the things that cannot be changed. People who have experienced these types of treatments often remark that they have increased sense of self and respect for self.

I believe:

These values are reflected throughout my professional work and in my personal life.